10 Złotych Note - Collector Banknotes - 90th Anniversary of Polish Independence - Security Features

Security Features

The banknote is protected by multiple security features:

  • Watermark – An image of Jozef Pilsudski.
  • Security thread with microprinted "10 ZL".
  • Gravure printing on the front – tactile.
  • Offset micro lettering and steel engraving – "Narodowy Bank Polski", "Rzeczpospolita Polska", "10", "10 ZŁ".
  • Horizontal and vertical serial code numbering on the reverse of the note.
  • Optically variable ink – On the reverse of the banknote, the denomination designation changes from mauve to green.
  • Recto verso – Image elements of Pilsudski, printed on both sides of the banknote, complement each other, forming a complete picture.
  • Sign for the blind to recognise, an "X" – tactile.
  • Latent individual – Setting the note at the right angle, we see the year "2008".
  • Ultraviolet ink – On the back of the numerals and the image of military decorations.

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