Ōta Clan

The Ōta clan (太田氏,, Ōta-shi?) was a Japanese samurai clan descended from the Seiwa Genji. The Ota are best known as daimyō (feudal lords) of territories on Kyūshū during the Edo period (1600–1867).

In a special context created by the Tokugawa shogunate, the Ōta clan were identified as tozama or outsiders, in contrast with the fudai or insider daimyō clans which were hereditary vassals or allies of the Tokugawas.

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... You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries Ōta Sukekuni Sesshū Tōyō, 1420-1506—painter ... ta Dōkan, 1432-1486—builder of Edo Castle (1457) Ōta Yasusuke Yasusuke's daughter, Okatsu-no-tubone/Eishoin—founded Eisho-ji in Kamakura (1636) Ōta ... Rōjū (1837–1841, 1858–1859, 1863) Ōta Minesaburo—Chief Secretary of the House of Peers, Imperial nominee (1908) ...

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