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  • The Center for Material Research houses major analytical instruments like electron microscope (SEM-EDS), X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning probe microscope (SPM), DTA-TGA, BET surface area measurement system with a 250 kN mechanical testing machine. All projects related to materials science and engineering use the center resources at one point. Laboratories dedicated to materials research occupy 1500 square meters with the processing done in different parts of the campus and characterization of the produced specimens performed in the Center for Materials and Research. IZTECH is well known for its cutting-edge research on advanced materials like composites, ceramics, metals and polymers. There are four dedicated technical personnel in the center each well-trained to use the analytical instruments. More than 20 faculty members support the center through research and funding activities.
  • The Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research Center is an interdisciplinary research center at IZTECH. Biotechnology and bioengineering is the area that takes part in the priority objectives of IZTECH. The Center for Biotechnology and Bioengineering was established in 2004 as a cooperative research and development partnership between universities, industry, and other interdisciplinary areas. The Center has established collaboration with the other research centers of the institute such as Material Research Center, Environment Research Center and Food Safety Research Center. Therefore the center has established a list of people from the institute and other institutions collaborating with these centers interested in biotechnology and bioengineering research. The aim is to expand this list and activate the participation of these people. This center will foster research not only in laboratory level but also make initiations in order to carry over novel projects to industrial level.
  • The Food Safety Research Center was established in 2004. The center is a multidisciplinary research group bringing together scientists from the disciplines of engineering, chemistry, and biology. The center was founded upon idea of the importance of the food safety in the absence of which chronic disease, even death, economic loss emerge as unavoidable consequences.
  • The vision of İzmir Institute of Technology's Geothermal Research and Application Center includes using sustainable and renewable geothermal energy economical, by the methods which science and technology suggest, around the country wherever possible to have a better and healthier environment for our community and lastly to introduce the science and technology of geothermal energy in Turkey.
  • Computer Applications and Research Centre
  • Environmental Research Centre
  • Project Management Centre
  • Communication Networks and Multimedia Research Centre

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