École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne - Organization


EPFL is organised into seven schools, themselves formed of institutes that group research units (laboratories or chairs) around common themes.

EPFL is constituted of the following Schools:

  • Basic Sciences (SB, Thomas Rizzo) mathematics, physics and chemistry
    • Mathematics Institute of Computational Science and Engineering (MATHICSE, Alfio Quarteroni)
    • Mathematics institute of Analysis and Applications (MATHAA, Anthony Davison)
    • Mathematics Institute of Geometry and Applications, (MATHGEOM, Eva Bayer Fluckiger)
    • Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering (ISIC, Paul Dyson)
    • Institute of Physics of Energy and Particles (IPEP, Minh Quang Tran)
    • Institute of Condensed Matter Physics (IPMC, Wolf-Dieter Schneider)
    • Institute of Physics of Biological Systems (IPSB, Giovanni Dietler)
    • Institute of Physical Sciences (SPH-GE, Jean-Philippe Ansermet)
    • Institute of Quantum Electronics and Photonics (IPEQ, Benoît Deveaud-Plédran)
    • Institute of Theoretical Physics (ITP, Alfonso Baldereschi)
    • Institute of Computational Condensed Matter Physics (IRRMA, Alfonso Baldereschi)
    • Interdisciplinary Center for Electron Microscopy (CIME, Cécile Hébert)
    • Center for Research In Plasma Physics (CRPP, Minh Quang Tran)
    • PRN Quantum Photonics (PRN-QP, Benoît Deveaud-Plédran)
    • Bernoulli Center (CIB, Tudor Ratiu)
  • School of Engineering (STI, Demetri Psaltis) Electrical Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Microengineering, Bioengineering
    • Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEL, Giovanni De Micheli)
    • Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IGM, Daniel Favrat)
    • Institute of Materials (IMX, Andreas Mortensen)
    • Institute of Microengineering(IMT, Nico de Rooij)
    • Institute of Bioengineering (IBI, Jeff Hubbell)
  • School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC, Marc Parlange) Architecture, Civil engineering, Environmental Sciences and Engineering
    • Institute of Architecture (IA, Luca Ortelli)
    • Civil Engineering Institute (IIC, Eugen Brühwiler)
    • Institute of Urban and Regional Sciences (INTER, Philippe Thalmann)
    • Environmental Engineering Institute (IIE, Andrea Rinaldo)
  • School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC, Martin Vetterli) computer science and telecommunications
    • Laboratory for Computer Communications and Applications (LCA)
    • Laboratory of Nonlinear Systems (LANOS)
    • Institute of Core Computing Science (IIF)
    • Institute of Computing and Multimedia Systems (ISIM)
    • Institute of Communication Systems (ISC)
    • Center of Mobile Information and Communication Systems (MICS, Karl Aberer)
    • Center for Advanced Digital Systems (CSDA, Paolo Ienne)
    • Center for Neural Information Processing (CTIN, Wulfram Gerstner)
    • Center for Global Computing (CGC, Martin Rajman)
    • Security and Cryptography Laboratory (LASEC, Serge Vaudenay)
    • Laboratory for Cryptologic Algorithms (LACAL, Arjen Lenstra)
  • Life Sciences (SV, Didier Trono) life sciences
    • Brain Mind Institute (BMI, Henry Markram and Pierre Magistretti)
    • Institute of Bioengineering (IBI, Alan Hubbell Jeffrey)(renamed as EDBB)
    • Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC, Douglas Hanahan)
    • Global Health Institute (GHI, Stewart T. Cole)
  • College of Management of Technology (CDM, Martin Vetterli)
    • Swiss Finance Institute at EPFL (CDM-SFI, Erwan Morellec)
    • Program of Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship (CDM-PMTE, Christopher Tucci)
    • Chair of Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization (CDM-ENTC, Marc Gruber)
    • Institute of Logistics, Economy and Management of Technology (ILEMT, Dominique Foray)
    • Management of Technology EPFL - UNIL (CMT, Francis-Luc Perret)
  • Sociology and humanities (CdH, Francesco Panese)
    • Human and social sciences teaching program (CDH-SHS, Eric Junod)

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