Østfold Energi

Østfold Energi is a Norwegian energy producer within the business areas of hydropower, wind and heat. The company operates hydroelectric power plants in Østfold and Sogn og Fjordane with an annual power production of 1,680 TW·h/year. The power plants operated by Østfold Energi are Borgund power plant (1013 GWh/year), Stuvane power plant (165 GW·h/yr), Nyset-Steggje power plant (449 GW·h/yr), Brekke power plant (30 GW·h/yr), Tistedalsfoss power plant (13 GW·h/yr) and Ørje power plant (9 GW·h/yr).

In 2009 Østfold Energi, together with Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk, purchased Siso and Lakshola power plants in Nordland county. Combined production at the power plants totals around 1 TWh. This acquisition brings Østfold Energi’s share of Norway’s total hydropower production to around 1.7 per cent.

Østfold Energi is co-owner of Kvalheim Kraft DA who owns and operates the windmill park Mehuken in Sogn og Fjordane on the west coast of Norway. The wind farm was opened in 2001 with five wind turbines. In 2010 the wind farm was extended with additional eight wind turbines. The annual production of electricity is now 65 GWh. The approximately 3,000 households in the Vågsøy municipality are now self-supported with electricity from the wind turbines at Mehuken.

Østfold Energi owns and operates two modern waste-to-energy plants. The plant in Sarpsborg converts waste residue (house refuse and industrial waste) into thermal energy (process steam) to Borregaard. The plant in Rakkestad provides process steam and district heating to nearby industrial companies. Totally 181 GWh thermal energy was produced at the waste-to-energy plants during 2010.

The company also holds ownership of Zephyr (33%), Norsk Grønnkraft (25%), Kvalheim Kraft (33%), Rygge sivile lufthavn (15%) and Hafslund (4.5%).

The company is owned by Østfold county municipality and thirteen municipalities in Østfold: Østfold county municipality (50%), the municipality of Sarpsborg (14.29%), Halden (7.14%), Moss (7.14%), Askim (4.29%), Fredrikstad (4.29%), Eidsberg (2.86%), Aremark (1.43%), Hobøl (1.43%), Marker (1.43%), Rømskog (1.43%), Skiptvet (1.43%), Spydeberg (1.43%), Våler (1.43%).

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